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Badrinath is dedicated t the love of Vishnu, who, as indicated by an entertaining story, usurped this spot from Shiva. For Vishnu had come here as the divine beings once did, to offer compensation. He adored the spot such a lot of that he plotted to unseat Shiva from his contemplation here. He assumed the type of a wonderful youngster and started to moan. Shiva's better half, Parvati, got him yet couldn't quiet Chardham yatra by air the youngster. Since his moaning kept on upsetting Shiva, he moved to Kedarnath in irritation, leaving the spot free for Vishnu to possess. However, tokens of Shiva's visit keep on waiting, most noticeable in the name, Badri, a sort of berry that Shiva was generally partial to and the massive tree, imperceptible to the human eye, that served Shiva. Legend likewise has it, when the Ganga was mentioned to dive to earth to help the enduring mankind, the earth couldn't endure the power of its plummet. Thusly the strong Ganga was parted into twelve blessed channels, Alaknanda was one of them that later turned into the home of Lord Vishnu or Badrinath.



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