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P.S. Kitchen is a vegan social business based in NYC.

We donate 100% of our profits to our favorite charitable partners.

- Founder of P.S. Kitchen; April Tam Smith

Our Mission

Dedicated to harnessing the potential of eco-friendly cuisine and a compassionate approach, our mission is to serve our clients, employees, society, and the Earth with utmost care.


We join forces with social ventures and charitable endeavors to advance the causes of justice and kindness, both locally and worldwide.

Our Partnerships reflect a threefold commitment:

    1. Create jobs for the marginalized in New York
Donate 100% of our profits to sustainable non-profit work 
3. Provide New Yorkers with delicious dishes that are kind to the body and the earth

Our History

April Tam Smith drew inspiration from Cynthia Petterson, CEO of Share Hope, who launched her business by mortgaging her home as a single mom. Encouraged by this, April and her partners invested time, money, and energy into creating an upscale vegan restaurant in New York. This restaurant, called PS Kitchen, not only donates profits to organizations fighting poverty but also provides meaningful employment. Despite challenges, PS Kitchen eventually opened, and April balances her commitment to it alongside her day job. Her purpose lies in affirming significance and inspiring hope in others.

 Charity Partners

(...) If there’s such a thing in life, is about affirming significance and inspiring hope


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Share Hope creates ethical-clothing and provides education and healthcare programs for >75% of women in Haiti’s garment industry

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Justice Rising builds peace in war-affected communities by providing quality education to children at risk. We build schools, train teacher leaders, and develop community programs towards the goal of promoting peace and mitigating future conflict.

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Restore's mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors.


Defy Ventures harnesses the natural talents of currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth and redirect them toward the creation of legal business ventures and careers.

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